Throughout our ten-month partnership, Cortney (vocem, LLC) displayed two distinct gifts. She was able to hear my voice and emulate it while writing my book manuscript. She also took feedback well, remaining open to my suggestions and changes while clearly articulating the process and holding fast to our agreed to timeline.


Client "M"

Ghostwriting Client (Leadership Book)

Book Completed in 2019


*Ongoing partners and clients include Morgan James Publishing, The Sandbox, New Daydream Films, Renegade Author, and icuTalks.



Cortney was deliberate about capturing my unique voice. She took on my story as if it were her own. Her compassion and dedication were accentuated by her knowledge of grammar and editing. Within one year of our start date, my completed manuscript was in the hands of a publisher. The results I had with Cortney as my ghostwriter are undeniable, and without reservation, I highly recommend vocem, LLC for ghostwriting and/or editing.


Kim Honeycutt, MSW, LCSW, CCFC, LCAS

Psychotherapist & Practice Founder

icuTalks, Inc. Co-Founder & President

But Your Mother Loves You: How to Overcome the Cycle of Toxic Love & Live Your Life Without Shame

ABOUT vocem, LLC

A Message from the Owner:

"Though I've always loved books, I wasn't always passionate about storytelling, particularly when it was my own. I used to be a content and private introvert. As we all know, life happens. Life cracks happen. Those cracks changed me. I became impressed by the influence stories have on people and the decisions they make. Today, I love engaging with my clients, diving headfirst into the research, investigation, and production of stories I feel are critical for others to hear. I am a curious and proactive writer and editor, interested in preserving the voice of the person whose story I am helping to write. Hence, the name vocem. It's Latin for "voice." So I ask, "Are you ready to write out the story that changed you in the hopes of changing others?"


Mission Statement: 

vocem, LLC believes in giving voice to stories that will change the world. 

Core Values:

Collaboration | Relevancy | Meaningful Work




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Beta Reader Feedback

Founder & Owner, Cortney Donelson



In September, we started a new ghostwriting project. It has been a pleasure working with T. Haines* on her book and corresponding study guide on the topic of God's glory. *Name shared with permission


This fall, we are collaborating with multiple fiction and non-fiction writers to support their book dreams as a writing coach, developmental editor and/or copyeditor for their works in progress. 

Qualified consultants at vocem, LLC are always available to partner with you as your writing coach, editor, or beta reader. We feel privileged to be resource editors for Renegade Author and Morgan James Publishing.


vocem Founder Cortney Donelson is an acquisitions editor for Morgan James Publishing. If you are seeking support for your book idea or memoir, please let us know. Let the stories be told! 


March 7, 2017

Check out Owner Cortney Donelson's personal book. It's a powerful testimony, a record of her raw devotions about her personal marriage crisis and how God revealed Himself and became the lead role in securing an ending that defies cultural expectations. (Morgan James Publishing, available at multiple retailers)


May 28, 2019

Recently published! Read this heartfelt and witty testimony by Kim Honeycutt–and ghostwritten by vocem, LLC Owner, Cortney Donelson–about how to combat shame, find redemption, and discover personal freedom in the face of toxic relationships. (Morgan James Publishing, available at multiple retailers)



2019 & BEYOND

Given our current project load, vocem, LLC will be interviewing interested clients for future ghost-writing projects in February 2020. We are partnering with New Daydream Films to produce a movie based on one of our books. We are always available for editing projects and can come alongside you as your writing coach at any time. Ask us how we can help you craft your story!


September 17–20, 2020 | Hilton Head Island, SC

We are in the planning stages of "THE GIFT OF SPACE" Writers' Retreat!


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