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Join Teen Writers to Craft a Short-Story Anthology!

And learn about the publishing process!

In 2023, we're offering a 6-month course for teen writers 12-16 years old. The course will focus on creative writing (short stories) and publishing. The end goal is to learn how to draft, finalize, and publish a book—in this case, a teen anthology of short stories held together around one theme. Class is limited to 12 teen writers. First come, first served. See additional details below.



All teen writers must turn in their work by the deadlines outlined at the beginning of the course to ensure the anthology is published on schedule. The final anthology is a group project, and teamwork will be required. There will be a $100 late fee for any missed deadlines.

Parents/Guardians will be asked to sign a release, allowing vocem LLC to use the teen authors' names and photos inside the anthology and for social media marketing. Teen authors can also provide a short author bio if they choose. The authors retain copyright and intellectual property for their individual stories, and they may share and use only their individual stories elsewhere (e.g., college applications, etc.). We ask that you cite the anthology as the first place of publication. vocem LLC will be the "independent entity." The ISBNs and registration for the complete anthology (ebook and paperback) rests with vocem LLC. All final decisions related to book size, cover design, and interior layout will be made by vocem LLC (with input from the teen writers during the six-month course as part of their learning). vocem LLC will write the introduction and any other sections of the front and back matter of the book and set the price of the anthology on Amazon (ebook and print versions). vocem LLC will retain royalties up to $500 to cover book design, social media marketing, and other administrative costs. Any royalty income above $500 during the first six months after publication will be donated to The Sandbox charity in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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