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While Cortney has written nearly a dozen books as a ghostwriter, there are three she can call her own. Meet Clay Jar, Cracked, The Outlier's Choice, and the newest addition, The Billionaire's List. Click each book to purchase.


Available wherever books are sold


Available wherever books are sold


coming November 1, 2022 to Amazon



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The Outlier's Choice
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For those of us who have put our faith in Jesus Christ, the choice to be an outlier has been made. No turning back! . . . What these two women did with their pain brought honor to the God of the outliers. He understands pain and grief and pulls us tightly to Himself for comfort and direction. You will think of these two women’s stories long after you put the book down. Maybe, just maybe, they will light your path when you experience the darkness.

SALLY MEREDITH | Co-Founder Christian Family Life |  Author | Teacher | Speaker

Cortney’s and Becky’s stories in The Outlier’s Choice reassure us that in our difficult times, choosing God’s way, even if not the most popular path, is worth it. God will always be with us, and we will see “His majesty unfold.”

STEPHANIE FAST | Author and Global Orphan Advocate

About the Book


One woman’s husband confessed to a secret life of multiple affairs and addiction. Another woman’s daughter died of leukemia shortly after her adoption was finalized.


Awash in their grief, Cortney Donelson and Becky Huber would have been justified in living a life of anger, bitterness, and sorrow after going through what can only be described as a wife’s—and mother’s—worst nightmares. But as Christians, these women were called to live set apart, to choose unexpected responses despite their heart-wrenching circumstances. And they chose wisely. 


For every Christian, faith can often feel uncomfortable. Fighting for hope is hard, and being set apart for God’s glory may feel isolating. Indeed, most aspects of the Christian life can be downright messy. In The Outlier's Choice, authors Becky Huber and Cortney Donelson make an inspiring case to choose the unexpected—to go against popular beliefs and walk through struggles and discomfort, becoming bold outliers for God’s glory.

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