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ABOUT vocem, LLC

vocem, LLC believes in giving voice to stories that will change the world. 


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Developmental/Line Editing and Packages

Creative Writing Coaching for Ages 10–17

Beta Reading

A Message from the Owner:

"Though I've always loved books, I wasn't always passionate about storytelling, particularly when it was my own. I used to be a content and private introvert. As we all know, life happens. Life cracks happen. Those cracks changed me. I became impressed by the influence stories have on people and the decisions they make. Today, I love engaging with my clients, diving headfirst into the research, investigation, and production of stories I feel are critical for others to hear. I am a curious and proactive writer and editor, interested in preserving the voice of the person whose story I am helping to write. Hence, the name vocem. It's Latin for "voice." So I ask, "Are you ready to write out the story that changed you in the hopes of changing others?"

Core Values:

Collaboration | Relevancy | Integrity


Cortney is also an author and faith-based speaker on various topics, ranging from marriage to teen issues. If you want to learn more about this, please use the contact page to send an inquiry email.

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Founder, Cortney Donelson

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We are working on a faith-based resource that will be part of a series of books related to Christian living then we start a Christian fiction manuscript, working with a pastor on the West Coast.

Our 2024 and 2025 ghostwriting calendar is full.

Please contact us for details if you'd like to discuss ghostwriting in 2026 or be waitlisted/notified

of any cancellations for 2024 or 2025.

Our editing schedule usually runs two or more months out. Plan ahead!

We offer developmental and line editing (and packages that include copyediting).

As of April 2024, we are no longer scheduling final proofreading. 

We use The Chicago Manual of Style for book editing.

Baby Girl Jones—the book two prequel to Cortney's award-winning novel, The Billionaire's List—was released on

March 25, 2024! It's available on Amazon and is gaining rave reviews from places like

Cortney is also working on developing a Christian blog with content God put on her heart a couple of years ago. While not affiliated with vocem, it will be linked on this website. More details coming soon.

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MARCH 7, 2017

Cortney Donelson's personal memoir is a powerful testimony and a record of her raw devotions about her marriage crisis and how God revealed Himself and became the lead role in securing an ending that defies cultural expectations. Themes include addiction, infidelity, and more. (From Morgan James Publishing, available at your favorite retailers!)


$10 signed copy (shipping included)

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Donelson-Huber-FINAL MJ cover.jpg

DECEMBER 7, 2021

For every Christian, faith can often feel uncomfortable. Fighting for hope is hard. Being set apart for God's glory may feel isolating. In The Outlier's Choice, authors Becky Huber and Cortney Donelson make an inspiring case to choose the unexpected and the discomfort in your own life as you walk through your struggles, becoming bold outliers for God's glory. (From Morgan James Publishing, available at your favorite retailers!)

(Receiving the Gold Book Award from Literary Titan and three awards at the 2023 Outstanding Creator Awards)


NOVEMBER 1, 2022

The Billionaire's List is a fun whodunit that will have you guessing who the murderer is until the very end. Using the classic children's game, Monopoly, as inspiration for this novel is the icing on the cake. (Literary Titan).

"I enjoyed The Billionaire's List just as much, if not more than the global bestseller, Eleanor Oliphant. If you were intrigued by Eleanor Oliphant, you will most likely find yourself drawn into Greta's fascinating character arc as well." (Reviewer)

(The book two prequel to The Billionaire's List. Find out how "they got there" in this part crime mystery, part psychological thriller.)

BGJ Final Cover.jpg

MARCH 25, 2024

The Book Two prequel to The Billionaire's List. When a drug-addicted, middle-aged woman is found deceased next to a scrawled note mentioning an abandoned baby girl from decades earlier, Detective Claire Miller must figure out how and why the woman died. Was it a guilty conscience? Or murder? And who was this baby?

Earning stellar, 5-star reviews from industry critics.

Check out some of our recent editing and publishing clients' work !

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Cortney’s ability to set expectations, deliver your story in your voice, and provide advice is just what I needed. I completed my project and launched. Hit #1 New Release in small business entrepreneurial management on Amazon. Cortney was the right choice!

—Client "M," ghostwriting client (Leadership Book)

Cortney was extremely responsive, encouraging, and helpful during the final formatting process. She put me at ease during the process because she had everything under control. Her services were affordable and exceeded my expectations.

—Author Liesl Hays, formatting client (Non-Fiction)

I am extremely pleased with my editor! 

Award-winning Author Chad Boudreaux, editing client (Fiction)

You are amazing!

—Client "T," ghostwriting client (Faith-Based Memoir, published by Morgan James)

Awesome work, Cortney! Looking forward to seeing this in print. We really appreciate all of your hard work to make this happen. I am so glad that we did this!

—Client "S," ghostwriting client (Family Memoir)


Cortney is a fantastic editor. She understood my vision precisely and what I needed to get my book done. She added a special touch to my book, which was exactly what it needed. She has impeccable skills as well as a lot of patience and responds in a very timely manner. She was even there for me after my project was done, and I needed some questions answered. I have and will continue to recommend Cortney's services to all my friends and colleagues and will always use her for all my upcoming and future editing needs.
—Author Renata Shiloah, DCN MS RD CDN RYT CMT (Non-fiction/Self-Care)


Cortney was deliberate about capturing my unique voice. She took on my story as if it were her own. Her compassion and dedication were accentuated by her knowledge of grammar and editing. Within one year of our start date, my completed manuscript was in the hands of a publisher. The results I had with Cortney as my ghostwriter are undeniable, and without reservation, I highly recommend vocem, LLC for ghostwriting and/or editing.

—Kim Honeycutt, MSW, LCSW, CCFC, LCAS, ghostwriting client (Faith-Based Memoir)

Your edits are amazing. I'm reading this over now, and the story is much tighter. Thank you so much!

—Author Gregory Peterson, editing client (Fiction)

The journey with Cortney is more than words transferring to paper, it was an experience in empowerment. Her hands-on approach makes you feel like more than just a client. She is personable, professional, and left no doubt that she was the perfect match for my vision. Her level of knowledge and expertise in ghostwriting and editing is clear in the ease in with which I saw my own book get accepted for publishing and even after going to print, all due to her diligence. I would not hesitate to recommend her or work with her again!!

—Client "L," ghostwriting client (A True Story/Personal Memoir,)

It has been amazing working with Cortney, both professionally and personally. Personally, she is very approachable, caring, and patient. Professionally, she understood the vision of my book and put it together in a fantastic way. I couldn’t have done it without her. 

—Author Montse Ginebra, editing client (Memoir)

I can't even put into words how amazing Cortney is. I was hesitant to use a ghostwriter/writing coach, and she immediately put me at ease. I was blown away by how our ideas meshed and flowed. My book (which now has a publishing deal . . .) turned out more amazing than I ever thought it could. She is simply the best!

—Client "A," ghostwriting client (Fiction)

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You may also compete this form if you're interested in booking Cortney Donelson for speaking engagements, retreat facilitation, or purchasing an autographed copy of her book, Clay Jar Cracked: When We're Broken But Not Shattered.

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